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Tie-Off/Stand-Off (TOSO)
Are you still using #9 wire to tie off your scaffold?
And then you have to build a stand off too?
Now there is a new and better way.

The Blackwater Tie-Off/Stand-Off performs both jobs at once and does away with #9 wire forever.
Look how easy it is to use the TOSO. Set your anchor just the way you normally do, but instead of fastening an Eye Screw into the anchor fasten the TOSO into it. Now all you do is connect a Tube & Clamp to the TOSO & clamp it to you scaffold.

Available with both screw threads & machine threads.
With the patented driver you install the TOSO with a ratchet or electric drill.

Tie-Off/Stand-Off (TOSO)

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Patent Pending

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